Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally: My first electric motobike in Laos

It took a while, but finally I found a used electric bike. It looks like a Mio Fino, what is just great, because I had this scooter in Cambodia and Vietnam, so my ebike follows the tradition.
It's a no-name brand from China, cheap quality and do not expect and cruiser feeling while driving. But I need it mainly for going to come places where I pay electricity and water bill, supermarket, coffee shop, most of them with in 10 minutes of driving.

If you are looking for a ebike or electric scooter, there is a shop on Boulevard Kamphengmeuang. You pass by That Luang on Singha road, turn left on the roundabout, follow the street to the traffic light, turn right. You pass by a Kaolao shop and then on the right is a small shop selling car batteries. They also have ebikes, a brand called Lefan or Lifan, not sure. The scooters look quite cool, and the price is more than fair: 360 USD is cheaper than a bike.

And listen: If you drive a electric scooter in Laos, you probably reduce your carbon footprint to zero since most electricity here comes from waterpower plants.

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  1. Hi Thomas, I have read your post and I am looking for a motorbike like yours in Vientiane.
    I have searched in almost all the places you marked on your map, but they are runned out of them. Then I asked them where could I find a moto fai faa (e-motorbike), but nothing. Apparently they where only 100 units in the city (imported from Shanghay from this supplier and now there is no trace of them but 2nd o 3rd hand.

    If you hear from someone who wants to sale one, please, make me know.


  2. Hi @primate (no offense :-)), I saw LIFAN car shops on the way from ITECC to BK Computer, just pass by the stock exchange. Lifan makes ebikes as well.
    I bought my scooter as a used one as well.
    Check the forum, if someone wants to sell.

  3. Sabai dee Thomas... i chanced upon your blog whilst 'googling' for an electric bike in laos. Thanks for the info. However, only problem is im based in luang prabang. Any idea if the shop does delivery to luang prabang?

    many thanks