Sunday, August 15, 2010

Useful information for Expats in Laos

Ok, I think its time enough to share some information for other people who want to move to Laos.
1. J&C Real estate is strongly recommended. They also offer a welcome package. Rents for a house are between 500 USD and 2000 USD
2. The best medical service is a the french clinic that belongs to the embassy (but is not at the same location).
3. Motobike rent is around 70.000 KIP a day
4. There are some supermarkets with nearly everything you need. Phimphone next to Joma Coffe shop, another Pimphione, the citimart next to the shell gas station, but also have a look on the M-Marts and the supermarket at the ITECC.
5. Walking the dogs: Is best done on the riverside close to the presidential palace and in the That Luang area.
6. Jogging: Join the locals in the morning at Patu Xai.
7. Cinema: There is no cinema with western movies.
8. DVD: You get the everywhere.
9. German food: Luckily no German Restaurant, although Khop Chai Deau has pork leg.
10. Driving a car: You need a driver licence. Driving within the city is quite safe (and slow).
11. English News(papers): Vientiane Times and

Any more questions? Ask me.

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