Sunday, July 4, 2010

Best service for new expats in Laos

Before we moved to Laos we were looking for a reliable real estate service to find a new home. We found J & C real estate, and that was the best that happened to us. Stephan and Cameron, who are running the company, are not only real estate agents, they give you a full service.
That starts with a welcome package: They take you around town (Vientiane), show you were the doctors are and the schools, the supermarkets and the best restaurants. In a one day trip you will see the most important things for living (and some sightseeing as well).
We also found a nice house, although moving in May isnt the best time since most expats are leaving in June and July, so the selection of houses was quiet small. Anyway, we (they) found a great place for us.
We also got perfect service regarding the move of our dogs from Vietnam: J&C provided us the necessary documents, like the import permit for the dogs. at immigration, with this documents everything went find and easy.
When I was looking for a insurance for my car, J&C also provided us with a good offer, as well as for our house content. The company always gives you a lot of helpful advice.
Last but not least the give you on hand a bunch of documents, from snakes in Laos to "How to cross the border to Thailand on the friendship bridge".

If you consider moving to Laos, call J&C real estate. You will not regret it.

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