Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lao National Internet Center opened

Just read this article at LaoVoices:

The National Authority of Post and Telecommunications last Friday opened the Lao National Internet Centre (LNIC).
The establishment of the internet centre is in line with the Prime Minister’s decree No. 375/PM, dated October 22, 2007, which stipulates the organization and operation of the National Authority of Post and Telecommunications. (...)
The centre under the National Authority of Post and Telecommunications, is designed to monitor and control all forms of information operated through telephone and internet systems within, to and from the country.
The new internet centre is equipped with over 100 technical officials.

Not sure what "monitor" and "control" means in this case ....


  1. 'Monitored' and 'controled' by Vietnam? How much of an influence does VN have there?

  2. I just learned that monitored in this case is strictly technically, in the meaning of if all packets of data provided properly. The LNIC has no censorship function or role in any way, they just have to make sure that internet traffic is working properly